We are a video production from Zürich, Switzerland. We are specialized in bringing the great experiences that can be made in the mountains to the tiny screens of our everyday lifes.



If people ask me “Who is your competition?”, I like to answer: “We do not have any competition. Because we do not strive to better then someone else in the industry. Instead, we try to be better then we were last year or even yesterday.” We are passionate about what we do and if we accept your comission, you can rest assured that we do everything to make it great – because we strive to get better with every project we do.
Tom Malecha

Tom Malecha

Director & Producer

Tom Malecha is the founder and creative head of Filme von Draussen. After kicking off his career as a journalist and copywriter in advertising agencies, he made his passion for mountain biking and backcountry snowboarding a profession.

TEDx-Talk by Tom Malecha

How we work.

We believe in the power of ideas and stories. Head of “Filme von Draussen” is Tom Malecha, who´s been working in creative agencies in Hamburg and Zurich for more than 15 years now. Supported by a network of freelancers, we produce cinematic outdoor sports films with a creative twist. We like to work fast, spontaneous and with a small team. Because we believe, this allows us to tell more authentic and more interesting stories than working with huge crews.

What we do.

Adventure Sports Videos

We are specialized in adventure sports videos, from mountain biking to skiing and other outdoor activities.

Non-Sports Videos

We don’t shoot exlusively in the mountains: If you have an interesting story to tell, we are excited to hear it.


We also provide photography services for editorial and commercial purposes.

Animation & Motion Graphics

We create animations and motion graphics, from title sequences to explainer videos.

Location Scout & Fixer

We provide professional location scouting in Switzerland with a focus on mountains and alpine locations.

Advertising & Copywriting

We create ideas, campaigns and texts for outdoor brands and companies in the action sports industry.

Our Clients.